Thunderbears is a relaxed group of adults (21+) who enjoy chatting as much as raiding. We don't care about your level, skill, or the fact that you went premie town hall ten. We are a war/farming clan with no minimum entry requirements. We are searching for members who are active, chatty, and laid back.

Thunderbears may not be for you if you are:


- Highly competitive and expect clash of clans domination,

- Easily offended by adult content and language,

- You refuse to go pantless,

- You care about the level of troops in your clan castle; we are open to everyone so expect as many maxed troops as low level troops.




We use groupme to communicate out of game. Please let a co-leader know and they will add you to our groups. Groupme is an app and can also be accessed online at groupme.com.

We have a one-week "trial" period for all new members. During this time we determine if you are a good fit for Thunder and if Thunder is a good fit for you. 


 Don't be a dick!


  1. Respect your clanmates.

  2. No racist, sexist or homophobic language.

  3. Do not request specific troop levels except for war attacks.

  4. If you provide constructive criticism, please do so in a friendly manner. 

  5. Read your clan mail.

  6. You must be 21 or over to join Thunderbears.


  1. We require 200 donations per week and 800 per  season.

  1. Defaults are archers, wizards, minions, dragons and poison spell.

  2. Read requests before donating. If a specific troop is requested, please wait three minutes before filling the request with default donations.

  3. If a request states "let it hang" only fill with specified troops.



  1. We declare war Sunday, Tuesday and Friday.

  2. War is not mandatory. If you wish to sit out of wars, simply opt yourself out.

  3. If you do participate in war we expect you to take both attacks. Of course real life can make participation challenging at times. Just let us know.

  4. We have a battle plan for every war and expect you to follow it. The battle plan is posted on groupme.

  5. Requesting specific level troops is allowable for war attacks.

  6. Clan castle requests must be specific with anti-poison troops. Please help fill the clan castle above and below your number with max troops only. If you are unable to do so, someone else will.


If you miss an attack in a war, you will automatically be opted out of the following war.

If you miss 2 attacks, you will be opted out of the following 2 wars.

If you miss 3 attacks, you will be kicked out of the clan.


If you are interested in joining Thunder please apply in game. If the clan is closed we are full at the moment. Yes, we can be full at 40 something, our bears like to visit our wonderful sister clans often.

Thank you and Hail